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Matt Sinclair’s Hoisin Duck Noodles

Winter is all about comfort food and we have the perfect dish to satisfy those cheeky cravings! Our new Hoisin Duck Noodles by MasterChef icon Matt Sinclair is a sweet and savoury match made in heaven that is decadent, delicious and additive!

We’re taking you on a taste journey all across South-East Asia with our new collaboration with Matt Sinclair and our Hoisin Duck Noodles are no exception! Duck is a quintessential ingredient in many Asian dishes, often served to celebrate a special occasion and us Aussies are definitely no strangers in enjoying duck as a fun and delicious alternative to chicken – did someone say peking duck?

Because we’re all about celebrating the flavours and beauty of Asian ingredients here at P’Nut, we worked closely with Matt to create this high-quality duck dish that everyone can enjoy – using flavours we know you love. Combining the word-famous flavour combo that is hoisin and roasted duck, this smokey and sweet dream of a dish is decadent comfort food at its finest and you can enjoy it all winter long.

Our new star ingredient – duck

At P’Nut we pride ourselves at serving quality Australian protein because; we want to support local businesses, care about the environment, and simply because it just tastes better. Therefore, each Hoisin Duck Noodle dish is made with high quality Aussie duck sourced from family-owned Luv-a-Duck. Luv-A-Duck products can be found on five-star menus across the world – and the clear choice for a MasterChef level dish.

About Luv-a-Duck

Luv-a-Duck was founded in the late 1960’s when Arthur Shoppee grew a few ducks in his backyard for his family to enjoy. After discovering a market for duck meat in Australia, he spent the next 30 years traveling the world learning all there was to know about duck farming and developed what is now one of Australia’s leading duck producing companies, Luv-a-Duck.

Hoisin Duck Noodles

Fun facts about cooking with duck

Popular Asian duck dishes

The world’s most popular duck dish is the famous ‘Peking Duck’ and its delicious crispy skin. The duck is cooked until the skin turns golden and crispy which brings out the sweetness in the meat. The skin and meat are served along small thin pancakes or bao buns.

You might have heard about the popular Singaporean dish ‘Chicken Rice’, but did you know this popular dish also is commonly served with duck? This delicious duck dish is often served with duck slowly braised in a generously seasoned broth.

What does duck go best with?

With duck having a rich flavour its best paired with ingredients which will let the flavour shine through. With our new Hoisin Duck dish, we chose to include simple vegetables to provide some freshness but at the same time let the flavour of the meat shine as the star ingredient.

What flavours go well with duck?

Duck is best served with a sweeter sauce which compliments the richness of the meat. In Western cooking duck is often served with a fruity sauce such as orange, plum, berry or marmalade. In Asian cuisine, duck is commonly served with hoisin sauce or a sweetened soy sauce.

How do I cook duck?

There are two common ways to cook duck; roasting or braising– with both options being very popular in Asian cuisine. The benefit when roasting duck is that you can render down the fat and get a nice crispy skin that gets a glass like texture when done right. At P’Nut we opted to braise our duck to ensure that it is just as succulent for every customer who orders our showstopping dish. By braising the duck, we lock in all the wonderful fat and flavour, and prevent the meat from going tough.

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Hoisin Duck Noodles
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