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Let your tastebuds travel and be rewarded for every trip to P’Nut with the P’Nut Passport!

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How it works

P'Nut App

Step 1: Download our app and sign up

Once you’re a member you can now access your stamp pass and start earning exclusive rewards!

P'Nut Passport

Step 2: Earn Stamps

If you’re ordering in-store be sure to scan the barcode at the counter so it counts towards your 10th free meal

P'Nut Passport

Step 3: Slurp up the saucy rewards

It’s now time to let your tastebuds travel and be rewarded for every trip to P’Nut. Keep your eyes peeled for your available rewards.

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Sign up

Download your P'Nut passport and start saving today


Whip out your passport and scan at the register when your order in store

Earn stamps

Stamp your way to a free meal!

Show and redeem

Redeem passport exclusive rewards and discounts in store