P'Nut Street Noodles

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The Sauce of Real Asian Street Food

thai food

Transporting you to
Asia in every slurp!

At P’Nut we do it the real way – grinding our chilli paste, never using processed ingredients or cutting corners, and honouring the techniques and flavours of an Asian street kitchen with our freshly wok’d street food. Each day we take you on a taste journey to the streets of Asia, one delicious slurp at a time with our signature sauces.

How you know it’s the real deal

We were on a mission to create the perfect sauces to transport you straight to the streets of Asia, so we partnered with a Michelin-star Chef in Thailand to perfect our magic formula! With our made-from-scratch sauces combining up to 22 carefully selected ingredients and the highest quality produce, we created the sauce of real Asian street food!

pad thai
pnut restaurant

It’s all in the sauce.

The bold signature P’Nut taste you love is all in our magic formula:

How we carefully select our ingredients – we only use the highest quality produce

Our traditional cooking techniques – real street food, wok’d fresh to order

Our street knowledge – we grew up cooking on the streets of Thailand

Asian food is our passion, and it’s what we know best!

Our made-from-scratch sauces – each of our sauces was created in partnership with a Michelin-Star Chef in Thailand with up to 22 different ingredients