• Vegan (6)

  • Gluten Free (3)

  • Contains Eggs (12)

  • Nut Free (18)

  • Option to make vegan (2)

  • Option to make gluten free (1)

  • Spicy (6)

Pad Thai (E,GF)

Thailand’s favourite dish for a reason.  Rice noodles in a mild, tasty sauce slowly simmered for over 2 hours.

Penang Satay Noodles (E,GF+,VG+)

You’d be nuts not to try these hokkein noodles in this made from scratch curry paste cooked with coconut milk and organic palm sugar.

Cashew Nut Noodles (E)

We’re nuts about this dish with hokkien noodles, homemade chilli jam and roasted cashews.

(Very) Nasi Goreng

This authentic dish is the real deal, and very easy to love. Fried rice flavoured with naughty chilli sambal.

Singapore Noodles (E,NF,VG+)

Fresh ginger, curry powder and a hint of chilli give these vermicelli noodles a satisfying spice.

Pad C U (E,NF)

You’ve just got to try these flat rice noodles in garlic soy sauce ASAP. A more authentic Thai dish you will not meet.

Mee Goreng

The made-from-scratch sambal with tomatoes and chillies tossed with hokkien noodles is a flavourful local favourite.

Teriyaki Noodles

This slow-cooked Japanese Kombu with fresh ginger, Mirin wine and egg noodles is happiness in a bowl.

Mongolian with Jasmine Rice (VG,NF)

Sweet dates savoury in this healthy hoisin soy (joy) sauce fusion that gives you an authentic taste of Asia.

Curly Wurly Noodles

Even the toughest little critics will love these egg noodles with teriyaki sauce and fresh veggies.

Lucky Fried Rice

They’ll feel like the luckiest kid on earth with our fried rice, served with Chinese sauce and veggies.

Popcorn chicken with Jasmine Rice (NF)

Looks like popcorn but tastes like crispy chicken bites served with Jasmine rice.

Thai Fried Rice

Straight from grandma’s hawker stand - Fried rice tossed with our famous chilli paste and Thai basil.

Chinese Noodles

It’s Asia in a bowl! This classic sees oyster and mushroom-infused soy sauce married with hokkien noodles.

Chilli Basil Noodles

Our old favourite Chilli Basil Noodles has changed name to Grandma's…

Teriyaki Egg Noodles

This slow-cooked Japanese Kombu with fresh ginger, Mirin wine…
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