P’Nut x MasterChef Winner Diana Chan brings $1 dumplings onto the menu



Just when you thought it couldn’t get better than our 2021 collaboration with former MasterChef Australia winner Diana Chan, we’re back at it again with the dumpling queen herself!

We’ve partnered with our friends at Golden Wok to bring Diana’s famous, authentic dumplings to P’Nut Street Street Noodles this summer, and the best part is…they’re only $1 EACH!

If you’re a dumpling lover, head into your local P’Nut or order online via our website during the festive season and enjoy her flavoursome Korean Beef and Honey Soy Chicken dumplings with our signature sichuan soy sauce before the 15 January.

Diana’s undoubted talent in the kitchen and passion for food drove her to leave her highly successful accounting job to compete in MasterChef Australia’s 9th season, where she was crowned the season’s winner. If you’ve ever wanted to try a recipe first hand by a legendary MasterChef winner, you can do so right here at P’Nut!


Yep, you read that right! We’re giving away 24 boxes of Diana’s dumplings to one lucky dumpling lover so you can try them all! Head to our Instagram page on the 24th to enter the draw.


The origins of dumplings can be traced back to the ancient Eastern Han Dynasty in China.

Many experts believe that Zhang Zhongjing, a medical practitioner from China, who lived in the Eastern Han Dynasty invented the dumplings to help people that fell ill during a difficult winter 

Dumplings are not made to be cut

Dumplings are mainly designed to be the ideal size to consume in one bite. You should not use a fork or knife to chop your dumpling into pieces – the flavours inside will spill out if you do so!

There are Over 25 Types of Dumplings

Dumplings are commonly associated with Asian cuisines; nevertheless, many other countries have developed their own variations. Almost every country has a distinct sort of dumpling in a variety of forms, sizes, and tastes. Dumplings vary so much between nations that you may not even know they are all considered a type of dumpling!

Dumplings can be Cooked 3 Different Ways

Dumplings can be prepared in three ways. They can be steamed, fried or boiled.

Steamed dumplings are popular in Asian cultures. To capture the steam, a wooden steamer is put over boiling water and covered. The dumplings should cook for around ten minutes after being placed on non-stick paper. 

Fried dumplings add crunch to each mouthful, which are popular in the Caucasus and Middle East. All you need is a hot skillet and some vegetable oil. Add water to the pan and continue to cook the dumplings on the same side until they attain the desired crispiness!

Your dumpling will taste similar to steaming dumplings when you boil it. The dumplings should float to the top after around 8 minutes in boiling water. Italians frequently boil this dish to make their famous gnocchi dumplings!

Dumplings have religious qualities

Indian dumplings called modak are delicious and unlike the typical savoury dumplings, they are packed with shredded coconut and cane sugar. Twenty-one modaks are presented to Lord Ganesh, the Hindu deity of learning, understanding, and fresh beginnings, during the festival of Ganesha Chaturthi.

It Symbolises wealth in many Asian cultures 

Due to its unique shape, many Asian countries associate the dish with wealth and even luck. Maybe you too will become a millionaire after eating a dozen of them!


How are Diana Chan’s dumplings prepared?

Dumplings are prepared using a variety of methods, such as boiling, frying or steaming. Diana’s dumplings are steamed 

Are these dumplings halal?

The honey-soy chicken dumplings and Sichuan sauce is halal, however we cannot guarantee that the Korean dumplings are halal – this may contain cooking wine. 

Does this come with plant-based protein / vegetarian filling also?

No, these are pre-made and do not come as a vegetarian option unfortunately. However as an alternative, you can enjoy our Massaman dumplings which are completely vegan and just as tasty! Also a great option for people who are seeking halal food.

How do you eat dumplings?

A dumpling’s succulent meat filling is rich in flavour. As a result, it needs to be consumed in one bite. Use your fingers or chopsticks to eat the traditional way; never a fork. 

How long is the $1 Dumplings offer available for?

Available for a limited time only online and in-stores, while stocks last.
Valid 20/12/22 – 15/1/2023.