P’Nut (Formally Wok On Inn) Restaurant Story

Our story is that of family heritage, authentic Southeast Asian recipes and one chef’s journey to bring his culinary experience and passion for food to your tables, ours is a story of the delicious relationship between sauces and noodles.

P’Nut is what all my friends and family call me. I started working with my grandmother at her popular streetside stall in Thailand at the tender age of six, grinding chilli paste and learning to make sauces from scratch. Spending my childhood years alongside my grandmother sparked a curiosity in me and fuelled my desire to learn more about all the nearby regions that influenced the street food culture of Thailand. As I got older and started traveling around Asia, I would take in the various aromas and flavours of exotic hawker-style dishes.

With each new destination, came a new dish that I practiced and perfected along the way. After thoroughly traveling through Southeast Asia, I came to Australia, where I saw the need for flavour-fuelled dishes to be shared.

P’Nut Street Noodles was created to share with the world the sensory magic of my grandmother’s street-side stall. It also showcases amazing dishes that I had come across through my travels.

We are the first and only street noodle restaurant in Australia to use authentic sauce bases directly from Thailand. This means you can savour delicious, healthy and unforgettable street style noodles, soups and salads that honour my grandmother and her enduring love for food.

We aren’t your ordinary Thai restaurants; we aim to transport you to a street-side food stall without you having to leave the country. We understand that a true culinary experience captivates all five senses and gives you an immersive experience, so we bring the bustling street side stall to you. Step into our restaurant and be transported, feel the energy and take the food journey that I did, even if it is just for a moment!