P’Nut Restaurant Story

P’Nut is what all my friends and family call me. I started working with my grandmother at her popular street side stall in Thailand at the tender age of six, grinding chilli paste and learning to make sauces from scratch – we did everything the real way never using processed ingredients or cutting corners and served her famous noodles and salads.

Most of my adult life was spent working as a Chef at some of the best street stalls and Michelin starred restaurants perfecting these strong flavours.

P’Nut Street Noodles was created to export you to my grandmother’s street side stall. We are the first and only street noodle restaurant in Australia to use authentic, made-from-scratch sauce bases directly from Thailand. This means you can enjoy delicious, healthy and unforgettable street style noodles, soups and salads, just like the locals eat back home.

We aren’t your ordinary Thai restaurants; we aim to transport you to a street-side food stall without you having to leave the country. We understand that a true flavour safari captivates all five senses and gives you an immersive experience, so we bring the bustling street side stall to you.

Step into any of our 11 restaurant’s and be transported, feel the energy and take the food flavour journey that honours my grandmother and her enduring love for food!

In 2019, we merged with Wok on Inn Street Noodle Bar.

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