Green is the new sexy: NEW Vegan Menu out now!


We’ve launched a NEW and tastier vegan menu!

You asked and we listened! We have revamped our vegan menu to include more plant-based options for customers with a vegetarian or vegan diet! Plant-based foods have a naturally meat-like taste but are made from non-animal products – which makes them an extra healthy alternative! A plant-based protein filling that not only tastes fantastic but also supports our philosophy of offering Australians CLEAN food free from artificial flavours, preservatives and colours has been discovered after years of research and development. We are ecstatic to introduce our new signature dishes such as the Plant-based Duck spring rolls and Massaman Dumplings, and we know you will be too! 

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Our new Dishes and Variations: Plant-based Duck Spring Rolls, Singapore Vegan Noodles and Plant-Based Beef Massaman Dumplings

P’nut Street Noodles has also teamed up with Fable Food Co to put a smile on the dial of all plant-based enthusiasts in Australia. Together with Australian culinary innovators Fable Food Co, we have developed the delicious twist to the new plant-based variation to the Singapore Noodles. 

Today we launch our new menu! We are very excited and proud to present our mouth-watering dishes… Drop by and try the food, it will surely be a food Journey you won’t forget!

About Fable Food Co

Fable Food Co are well-established plant-based food innovators who have executed successful campaigns with many renowned brands within the industry.

Following on from many successful collaborations, the plant-based ‘meat’ replacement company has now partnered with P’nut Street Noodles to release new plant-based protein that would revolutionise meat-free Asian delicacies across Australia.

Fable food Co has also been part of the Emmy winning Netflix series Down to Earth which featured A-list star Zac Efron! This show is all about finding ways to solve environmental issues and showcases Zac’s journey and love for plant based food where he travels the world to investigate ways on how a sustainable future is being pursued within different cultures. In this series, Efron emphasises how “We need to start rethinking how we consume everything, from our food to our power.” And recognises how vital it is to take care of our planet. Although Efron is not a vegan, he has tried a plant-based diet for health reasons.

What is in our plant-based protein?

The plant-based meat is actually made from all natural shredded shiitake mushrooms. Seasoned with P’nut’s distinctive dishes, it’s helped keep the authenticity of our Asian flavours. Trust us when we say we haven’t tasted mushrooms this good before. Ever!

This addition aligns with P’nut’s strict nutrition guidelines, with no artificial flavours, added preservatives, unacceptable additives or added colours. Together, P’nut and Fable are offering more delicious, nutritious and responsibly crafted food options that are clean and affordable, and promoting a more sustainable way of eating. 

The P’nut team wanted to offer guests a unique and delicious plant-based filling that could be added to all their menu items. This filling can be selected as an option for our Massaman dumplings, our Plant-based Duck Spring Rolls or Plant-based Beef Singapore Noodles. Packed with incredible Asian flavours, our new additions will be available across restaurants across Australia from next month.

Celebrate with us

We are stoked to continuously revolutionise the Asian cuisine in this new era. We are pleased to have teamed up with our friends at the Fable Food Co and offer you plant-based delicious and nutritious options on the menu. It’s clean, flavoursome and incredibly tasty.

Our Plant-based Beef Singapore Noodles are one of the new delicacies we’ve introduced to mark the debut of our new menu – and the best part is they come with extra veggies! Don’t forget to enjoy some of our crispy Plant-based Duck Spring Rolls on the side. The soft and juicy Massaman dumplings are another addition to devour – they’re tangy, mildly spiced and oh-so-yummy – we promise you’ll be slurping for more! 

Give our brand new dishes a try in our restaurant or pick up and take away, available to order on the P’nut Street Noodles site and via Uber Eats.

We can’t wait to share P’nut’s new range of delicacies that will guarantee to leave you in a food coma! Want to devour these meals today? Visit our site here 


Is Vegan Asian Food Healthy?

Yes, vegan Asian cuisine can be very healthy. Many vegan Asian dishes are made with rice, noodles, vegetables, and tofu, which are all very healthy ingredients. There are also many healthy dipping sauces that can be enjoyed with vegan Asian cuisine.

What are Some Popular Vegan Asian Dishes?

Some popular vegan Asian dishes include kimbap, Tahu Pepes, vegetable spring rolls, and cauliflower fried rice. Asian cuisine offers a wide variety of vegan-friendly dishes to choose from, so you’re sure to find something you love.

Besides vegan food, does P’nut offer gluten free options?

At P’Nut we have many gluten-free options. You can pick from the Pad Thai, Laksa Soup, Satay sauce with Jasmine Rice, Tofu Puffs with Satay Sauce and Satay Vermicelli Noodles.

Is Thai Food Typically Vegan?

No, Thai food is not typically vegan. However, there are many vegan-friendly dishes that can be found in Thai cuisine. Many dishes are made with rice, noodles, vegetables, and tofu, which are all vegan-friendly ingredients. There are also many healthy dipping sauces that can be enjoyed with Thai cuisine.