8 Health Benefits Of Asian Food & Diet


Asian food is an extremely popular cuisine that has become more and more widely available in recent years.

While some people may avoid it because they don’t like the taste, many others try to incorporate Asian foods into their diets for health reasons.

From Japan to Korea to China and all the way down to India, Asian food has a long history of providing people with health benefits that go far beyond just taste.

In this blog post, we’re going to explore the top eight benefits of an Asian diet that might surprise you. From weight loss to cancer prevention, these health benefits offer plenty of incentive for people living in the West or East to consider adding more Asian dishes into their daily routine.

So, is Asian food good for you? Let’s find out.

1. Weight Loss 

One of the most notable benefits of Asian food is its reputation for being healthy and low in calories. That’s because many traditional dishes use spices instead of fattening ingredients like butter, oil, or cream to enhance flavour. Soy sauce is another ingredient found in lots of Asian recipes which can help people lose weight.

2. Increased Fibre Intake 

If you’re looking to increase your fibre intake, Asian food is a great option! Not only can eating more Asian dishes help reduce constipation and bloat, but it can also lower the risk of heart disease and diabetes by helping people lose weight.

The best part about increasing your daily fibre intake is that you don’t need to make any notable changes to your diet; keep eating Asian food and watch the pounds melt away.

3. Cancer Prevention

The last few decades have seen a significant increase in cancer rates worldwide, which researchers attribute mostly to modern lifestyles and diets high in processed foods. However, there’s some anecdotal evidence that people who eat Asian food regularly have lower chances of developing cancer.

Researchers believe this is because many ingredients found in Asian cuisine, such as soy and ginger, offer natural anti-inflammatory benefits, which can help reduce the risk of certain cancers like colon and prostate cancer.

4. Lower Blood Pressure & Cholesterol 

One of the most common health problems in industrialized countries is high cholesterol and blood pressure.

Lowering your risk for heart disease is as simple as eating more Asian dishes since many traditional meals focus on fresh vegetables like broccoli or cabbage instead of meat-heavy recipes like lasagna.

People who increase their intake of healthy ingredients in Asian cooking like vegetables, seafood, and spices often see their blood pressure fall naturally over time.

5. Heart Health

While a diet full of fatty meats and processed ingredients can increase your risk for heart disease, eating more Asian dishes is one way you lower that risk. In fact, many people living in Japan have some of the lowest rates of heart disease due to their high intake of vegetables and seafood.

Asians eat lots of healthy ingredients like vegetables, which is one of the health benefits of eating Asian food.

6. Balanced Diet

The key to a healthy diet is variety. It’s essential to eat lots of different foods from various groups found in the food pyramid, and Asian cuisine offers plenty of options for each group!

For example, people who live near coastal regions typically prefer seafood because it’s so accessible. Inland areas might favour dishes that use many veggies or spices to enhance flavour.

Eating a little bit from each category every day is the best way for people to ensure they’re getting all the nutrients their body needs, which helps them stay healthy and ward off diseases like obesity over time.

7. Mood Enhancement

Asians often eat foods with high concentrations of spices like ginger, which have mood-enhancing effects. Many people living in Asia use it as a natural remedy for hangovers or other types of nausea because its anti-inflammatory properties can help reduce feelings of discomfort.

Ginger isn’t the only ingredient that has mood-enhancing benefits, however. Eating more Asian dishes can also help people relax and reduce stress due to its use in many popular recipes like curry or stir fry!

8. Convenience

One last benefit of Asian cuisine you should know about is its convenience. While many people living in industrialized countries have access to instant ramen or frozen dinners, these options are often high in sodium and preservatives, leading to health problems over time.

If you’re looking for a healthy alternative that doesn’t require much effort on your part, then it’s important to cook with ingredients found in Asian cuisine.

Influences of Culture 

There’s no doubt that eating Asian food can have positive health benefits for people living in the West or East; however, there are other factors to consider when adopting an “Asian diet.” For example:

  • Many Asian dishes like sushi are expensive compared to western ways of cooking.
  • When eating out, it can be challenging to find “authentic” Asian meals in some countries.
  • It can be time-consuming to prepare dishes with fresh ingredients when eating in.

While the benefits of an Asian diet might be hard for people living outside Asia or America to enjoy, there’s no doubt that traditional Asian dishes offer plenty of health benefits that everyone can enjoy!

Final Thoughts

So, is an Asian diet healthy? The health benefits of eating Asian food are undeniable, but there are no one-size-fits-all answers to that question. It depends on your preferences and where you live.

Eating healthy doesn’t have to be difficult if you use the internet to your advantage. Try searching for recipes that include ingredients you’d like to buy or eat, and remember these four steps when deciding how to prepare it:

  • Cook with fresh vegetables whenever possible instead of canned goods.
  • Opt for seafood over meat (especially red meat) if it’s an option in your area.
  • Add spices & sauces like soy sauce, ginger, and garlic to enhance flavour.
  • Go easy on the oil! The best way to reduce your fat intake is by boiling food instead of frying it.

With these tips in mind, you’ll be able to prepare Asian dishes that taste delicious and leave you feeling healthy afterwards, too!


Can you lose weight by eating Asian food?

Yes! Many Asian dishes are low in fat and high in fibre, which is perfect for people trying to lose weight because it helps them feel full without consuming too many calories.

What is the healthiest Asian food?

There isn’t one type of Asian food that is necessarily healthier than another. Instead, it’s essential to eat a wide variety of dishes from different Asian cuisines (sushi, noodles, stir fry) to ensure you’re getting all the nutrients your body needs every day.