What our restaurant customers are saying…

  • review rating 5  Totally love this restaurant - always amazing food and a great loyalty program!

    thumb Michelle Semple

    review rating 5  Great little eatery. Staff are friendly and food is tasty and quick to come out. I tried the Laksa when I went in which was delicious and the serving size was very generous for the price.

    thumb ameliamastro

    review rating 4  Nice noodles, good portions. Good, but have had better. Stools are a bit uncomfortable, and hence not 5/5. Friendly staff. Wish them all the best.

    thumb Varun Pant
  • review rating 4  The staff were kind and made sure to make me feel welcome. I ordered the pad thai and although i expected less seafood in the dish I was unexpectedly and delightedly surprised to find that all throughout there were a different array of seafood mixed through the noodles, unlike a lot of other restaurants. The staff however were a little quick to walk away when they called out my name (I was just sitting down) and I had to jog to catch up to my quickly disappearing food, but in their defense it had been busy within the shop so I couldn't blame them for hurrying a little.

    thumb Lily Pearl

    review rating 5  Great food. Fair pricing. We'll definitely eat there again.

    thumb Mark Davies

    review rating 4  Surprisingly good food and super friendly staff!

    thumb Simon Walker-Smith
  • review rating 5  Absolutely amazing food, and very nice and friendly staff. Love this place and will definitely get back once again.

    thumb Pavel Pivovarov

    review rating 4  Beautiful Penang Satay Noodles. Great taste noodles a little overcooked but still tasted awesome. Will definitely go back. Friendly staff and good prices

    thumb Steve Monti

    review rating 4  Friendly staff, authentic decor inside. Food is average. Good alternative for a quick lunch or dinner.

    thumb Hakan Sun
  • review rating 4  Great food great price. Awesome service and so fast!

    thumb Craige Smith

    review rating 5  The foods are scrumptiously delicious. Cheap but fresh. Cheap but fresh. The staff are nice and friendly. Lovely little place.

    thumb Salai Avan

    review rating 5  My family loves P'Nut noodle nights. A main each and some snacks to share. Delivery is always quick, drivers friendly and food always hot. One of our favourites!

    thumb Chris Roose
  • review rating 5  Nice food and friendly staff! Will definitely be back again.?

    thumb Serene Loh

    review rating 5  great prices, great food :) Staff are always happy and friendly

    thumb Tegan Cull

    review rating 5  Piping hot, absolutely fabulous tasty food at a more than reasonable price. Fantastic.

    thumb M F
  • review rating 5  We are just loving the food - thank you for coming to Kawana! Can't wait til you start deliveries to our area

    thumb Fiona Prujean

    review rating 5  Had cashew noodles(veggie), quick service and good food. A nice place to eat.

    thumb Avanish Fasate

    review rating 5  Came to claim my free meal I won from a Facebook competition. I just want to say that the staff that is working right now (2.45pm Saturday 6 July) honestly has the most upbeat and impeccable customer service I've ever seen in a restaurant. Based on the interaction alone I rate this place 5/5. Please give her my compliments. The food was also very delicious as you would expect. Had the nasi goreng. Perfect balance of flavour and spice. Didn't require any adjustments.

    thumb Julz
  • review rating 5  The Pad Thai chicken was delicious and went well with my Mango ? ?!? The staff here are friendly and helpful. Really like how the waitress took some photos of my friend and I?? Great value for ? and a convenient location!?

    thumb Paulo Virina

    review rating 5  OMG love the service LOVE the food did I mention the service and food...Thank YOU

    thumb Jue kie

    review rating 4  I’ve been here a few times and their dishes keep getting better every time. There are many street food dishes to choose from different countries of Asia. They also just launched new p-lite dishes. The dishes are under 400 calories. I tried one dish and it was pretty tasty even though lower in calories. My favourite dishes from this venue include pad thai, chilli basil noodles and pad c u. I enjoyed their snack, chick’n in a cone. Perfect snack on-the-go.

    thumb Foodblogs
  • review rating 4  Great restaurant with an interesting menu and, what I would say, has the optimal menu design. It has just the right amount of choice of south Asian cuisine in that each dish seems just dissimilar enough to warrant trying on your next visit. The restaurant is fitted out out very nicely with an emulated decor of Asian street food/culture which while not strictly authentic, is yet still distinctive. Of the two dishes I've tried (Singapore style and Satay/Malay style) each was excellent and noteworthy. The serving size was great and the freshness was apparent. One small complaint is that the person taking my order stopped halfway, became distracted, and then another staff member completed the order. This is not in the restaurant's interest as it creates a risk of mixing up orders and thereby alienating the customer.

    thumb Ryan G.

    review rating 4  Delicious street food on the go, loving the fact that they have "P'lite' menu for those who want the food to be healthier. I wanted to try to eat these noodles in "Takeaway" to see if I can actually open it up like a plate, it was a success! My fave is the Cashew nuts noodles, a flavourful and tasty noodles with good spice. Great place to get a quick lunch or if you are on the go. #pnutstreetnoodles #asianfoodninja @asianfoodninja

    thumb Asianfoodninja

    review rating 5  First time I have tried P'nut. And I don't think what ever I eat next will even come close to comparing. Well done , I will definitely be back guys

    thumb Bloodex Scotney
  • review rating 5  Rini, gave us terrific service. Speedy service and abfab meals at great prices. Make sure you try it

    thumb Christine Middleton

    review rating 5  The food here is truly delicious, and the ladies that work here are the loveliest and bubbliest personalities. I eat here every week and love my overall experience.

    thumb Mohammad Milhem

    review rating 5  Very tasty dishes on offer. Flavours smell and feel authentic, but they are sufficiently westernised that anybody could order anything and enjoy their meal. Reasonable prices for quality delivered.

    thumb James C